RidePIN allows you to order Uber, Lyft & Taxi services by simply dialing a phone number!

LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2017 — The latest release from RidePIN introduces a new feature that allows for greater reliability and exceeds the functionalities of the existing ride share companies like Uber or Lyft. RidePIN can now connect users directly to local Taxi service providers, giving consumers more transportation options at their fingertips by simply using any touch-tone phone.

RidePIN has introduced a new feature to their ride sharing service that is designed for connecting riders to Taxi services as easily as requesting a ride from Uber or Lyft. With this new Taxi service, RidePIN gives its users more options for their ride sharing needs. The new feature offers riders the ability to choose from three local, top-rated Taxi companies and to be connected directly to the Taxi service of their choice – no need for remembering Taxi phone numbers.

The current ride sharing services are undoubtedly great. However, they have limitations that frequently hinder riders from full access to mobility. In case a rider needs to be picked up or dropped off at an airport, has travel needs that are greater than one hundred miles away or if they have run out of data, these services are practically of very little use. With this newly released feature from RidePIN, these constraints will no longer affect the commuters because RidePIN does all the work for them from one centralized telephone number.

“RidePIN is designed and developed to help people who are stranded” says Valentin Malinov, the founder of RidePIN.

In keeping with the ultimate inspiration, Malinov’s aim is to ensure that every release from RidePIN continues to make ride sharing safe, easy and reliable for all demographics. No more getting stranded due to a dead battery or lack of a Smart-phone.

To find out more about RidePIN and its services, please visit: www.RidePIN.com

About RidePIN: RidePIN is an exciting new way to request a ride with Lyft, Uber and Taxis by simply making a phone call. Now, instead of being stuck due to a dead battery or lack of a smart phone, a ride can be easily hailed with any touch-tone phone. The innovative technology not only lends itself in assisting the visually impaired users, but also the users that may be less tech savvy.


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