RidePIN allows you to order Uber, Lyft & Taxi services by simply dialing a phone number!
RidePIN is an exciting new way to request a ride with Lyft and Uber by simply making a phone call and entering your unique personal identification number (PIN). Now, instead of being stuck due to a dead battery or lack of a smart phone, a ride can be easily hailed with any touch-tone phone! The innovative technology not only lends itself in assisting stranded ride share enthusiasts, but also visually impaired users and users that may be less tech savvy.

Some of the many great features of RidePIN is that you can easily add friends and family members to your account, connect directly with drivers and create friendly locations for your most visited places. Additionally, we do the cost comparison for you. RidePIN will list the fares of multiple ride share operators in real time. That way, you can pick the best option for you.

RidePIN is linked to your existing ride share accounts (Uber or Lyft) and you will be charged directly from the corresponding service provider, without any additional fees or charges from RidePIN.

RidePIN users can sign up online and experience this unparalleled convenience for requesting a ride by calling: 830-320-2020 from anywhere, at any time and with any phone!